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Steve White – Master Body Piercer

Steve White has been piercing since 2002, and has been bringing his originality and expertise to Studio City Tattoo since 2008. Being the shop’s head piercer and owner, his years of experience provide his clients with a sense of ease and integrity. He particularly enjoys working on surface piercings and collaborative ear projects, where he can work in conjunction with clients to utilize his natural innovativeness. Steve runs his own recording studio and has been drumming for as long as he can remember; blending his artistry and inventiveness with his craft as a piercer. It becomes immediately apparent to his regular patrons and new faces alike that their comfort, confidence, and creativity are of utmost importance to him.

Steve is the owner of Studio City Tattoo – Los Angeles Body Piercing


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We took our 8 year old daughter to get her ears pierced for her birthday, and she was very scared, and took a long time to allow the second ear to be pierced. Steve was absolutely incredible and patient with her, and made sure that she knew that she was in control and could back out at any point. He explained every step of what he was doing, pulled the privacy curtain when other patrons started to “encourage” her, and made sure she was ready before he did anything! Truly the patience of a saint! If you’re bringing young children to get pierced, make sure you bring their school ID and their birth certificate! It is required!

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